Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Luminous Self-awareness

I experience an underlying self-luminous stillness, which I know and perceive to be all-pervasive, utterly quiet, wonderfully uninvolved, yet experienced as all of who I am. I know, hear and see an all-permeating, infinitely still liveliness animating and revealing every level of my experience. Every aspect of my existence finds its source there. My understanding is structured and sourced in this all-encompassing knowingness, this organized intelligence. I can hear this silent source vibrating, literally humming into intelligent sound. A wonderful all-inclusive, sounding intelligence that is within itself is awake, a luminous self-actualizing emergence. It is a completely crystal clear awareness that is so lively in its connectedness that I can actually hear and see myself. This structured integrity of my own awareness is always present and abstractly all knowing. My senses are active and intimate within these streams of self-knowing. Inside and outside experiences have been transformed into one continuum, where even the senses are uninterruptedly whole from within their source to their daily duties.
I am aware of this process as a convergence or momentary collapse of an abstract totality that re-emerges as knowledge. This experience is constant and is the center of my self-knowing and permeates and unites all levels of my awareness with an intimacy of my relationship with the ultimate creator. The orderly nature of this lively field of self- knowledge has a subtle physical structure. My body, senses and environment are very much part of this experience. I see my body and its relationship with the environment as spiraling fields of light and strings of vibrating innumerable points of golden and colored light and energy; it is extremely exquisite. I see my body as a spontaneously organized and defined specificity within an ocean of sublime consciousness. My awareness and body are seen and known as one continuous balanced togetherness of tangible knowledge and motion.
The totality of my knowingness, feelings, senses and body all together are connected to my physical and universal environment through an awareness, a structural physicality that pervades my mind and body and that extends all the way to infinite abstraction. I see the pre-form level of my own awareness as a web of intuiting, vibrating conscious structure that is absolutely full of great joy, orderliness and balance. It is a cosmic field of intelligence that sounds into specific forms of creation through the instrumentality and attention of my awareness.
I am so intimately aware of this continuum that there is no space or difference between my knowing or, perceiving and physical activity. My hearing is my sense of knowledge through which I appreciate the specificities of my individual and cosmic existence.
This total range of hearing and sight has revealed a clearly perceived continuum that ranges from absolute silence to a totally pervasive liveliness and knowledge, to the expressed forms of this knowledge -- terrestrial, divine and cosmic. They are all appreciated and contained within a cosmic hierarchy of the personified beings of nature. Altogether one totality.
From within a silent vibrating field of luminous self-awareness, I am this silence and all of my emergent values. My heart is warmed by what I know, hear and see. I hear personified intelligence, I see personified intelligence. I am aware of and participate in a divine social structure of divine beings of nature. We co-habit all of the layers of creation in complete harmony and natural awareness. The fullness and complete divinity of this space is my oneness with God. It lies within a divine social hierarchy that is kept lively by the dynamics of the eternal relationship of God and His creations. The structural intelligence, the very physicality of vibrating knowledge and love that I perceive is a highway or connection between God and me. This solid connection is structured from universal existence and all of its layers known and experienced as one continuum of my individual and cosmic awareness. It feels and is so concretely solid that I feel that I could actually and physically traverse or walk this road to God. It is thick with interweaving layers of knowledge, love and light that literally put me into the presence of God. God’s awareness is reflected in my awareness. I experience within my heart, my mind and my senses, my whole body a phenomenal co-created divine, terrestrial and cosmic hierarchy that is directly, exactly and perceptually related to all levels of my life. All aspects and functions of my body I experience as structurally and physically extending to this personified totality. This relationship unites all emerging events into one continual experience of individual unity.
I see the subtle levels of my body and within this seeing is the knowledge that creates this continuum that is my eternal and infinite existence. I see my body on its finest levels as vibrating spirals and streams of light energy, merging into more manifest levels, flowing, curling into universal space and values. Each level is a mirror of myself, all a super refined, centered mirror of cosmic events and God.
This experience, feeling and knowledge of a total connectedness creates a knowing and physical perception of my mind, body and senses. I experience a convergence of my awareness that centers itself as my unmanifest and manifest awareness together. At this point I realize that the Absolute does not break up and the relative does not emerge, I am both realities together in their fullness. This experience is on a perceptual level, where I see my body as vibrating, spiraling waves, streams and points of consciousness pre-organized into physical matter both near and far. Eternally whole, unchanging reality includes both Absolutes existing as my awareness and body. I am Me here, centered in my heart, reflecting God like a tiny mirror that reflects all of whatever it is pointed towards. I experience innumerable beings of light flowing into a centered heaven that is my heart, a universal space of cosmic and individual dimensions. A huge cosmic cone of energy structured from millions of devas all streaming into my heart the heart of God. I experience this one great creator, the one great God, shining self-effulgent in the center of creation. What a wonderful secret.
The absoluteness and eternal nature of this experience pierces all layers of awareness into one stream of infinite clarity. I experience the Vedic sounds and the Vedic beings as an exquisite, wonderful divine social hierarchy of togetherness extending in a crystal clear and orderly manner all the way to God, all the way to me, where the dynamics of the relationships are appreciated as the emerging universe of all events.

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