Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Awakening Senses

The Absolute in knowing itself is known as Absolute wholeness. The Absolute awake to itself is my experience of “I am that.” As my understanding became clearer, this knowledge maintained its absoluteness. The experience of the Absolute remained Absolute within a wider range of understanding itself. Now, in this more concrete experience, I understood knowledge itself to be Absolute. As this clearer, more expressed experience of the Absolute and its own movement as knowledge then began to be heard, this hearing remained Absolute. The emptiness of Absolute abstraction started to get full. My thoughts themselves, within understanding, remembered their absoluteness. As I began to hear my thoughts, the layers of my Absolute self became known as hearing.
The sense of hearing became clearer and clearer, and I began to see the knowledge aspect of my thoughts. I began to hear and see thoughts, or the liveliness of the Absolute as knowing, knowledge, sound and form. Altogether and independently as Absolute. My whole experience began to have a tangible integrated structure that I could appreciate with my senses all together. This altogether aspect of my experience began to involve my whole body. The Absolute remained Absolute and began to be known as my whole body. As the knowledge, relationships and perceptions became more and more obvious my personality, the very individuality of my existence, began to be involved. My individuality, composed of all the layers of my existence, began first to be intuited, and then to be perceived as definitions of the Absolute. The Absolute remained Absolute even as it moved or was acknowledged in its fullness in all aspects of my life. Always remaining totally small, I became cosmic.
Now with knowingness, knowledge, thoughts, senses and body all experienced as unified aspects of totality, I began to know and see my outside environment connected to and functioning in the same manner. Now no aspect of my awareness ever leaves its Absolute source. Even the process of experience and the objects of experience are known and seen as specificities of my Absolute consciousness. This experience of absoluteness began to be known on a grander and grander scale, where the whole universe began to be known as an aspect of my own awareness, first abstractly and then with my senses. Then layer after layer of perceptual knowledge began unfolding faster and faster, huge spiraling universal unfoldings and collapses, every experience becoming whole at the instant of experience, until I knew my self, my body, my senses, the universe, everything as one united eternal continuum of an individual and cosmic self. All expansion stopped.
This did not last long. Again first abstractly, then more concretely I began to experience, at the source of creation, a personified totality. This experience woke up my senses even more. Gradually the Absolute has become more and more personified. This absolutely sublime personification is far greater than the Absolute or relative alone. In this wonderful uniting of the Absolute in the relative and the relative in the Absolute neither is lost. Now in this totality I have found my center, my individual self, shining, universally whole eternally alive. And within this absolute knowingness is the knowledge and sight of everyone’s divinity, every one’s absoluteness. A living heaven in my heart, in my body, and in my environment near and far.

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