Monday, January 11, 2010

The Real Heaven

I experience pure unbounded stillness that is pervasively whole, a knowledge so crystalline and tangible that even my senses are awake within this experience. Like a supreme deep waveless ocean, no ripple disturbs its pristine tranquility. Yet the tiniest ripple is obvious. Utterly still, I am aware of all movements of that stillness as pure perceptions of my own awareness. I am simultaneously aware of my body and my universal existence as this unbounded field of consciousness that also finds its center in my physical body. I am no more active with eyes closed or eyes open; also I am no more still with eyes closed or open. When I observe this stillness, I can locate a vast central intelligence and energy that stirs this field without any disturbance whatsoever. I can locate an infinite field of unbounded bliss that is so supreme that the bliss, the unboundedness, my heart, senses, body and environment are all known and seen as my own awareness in an ocean of totality.
I experience this absolute central source both within my body and within the universe as a whole. Somehow both together, pure abstraction and its own concentrated point and points, are the dynamics that are my expressed and unexpressed potentialities. This primordial essence, where every thing is sourced, is the size of my heart and the size of infinity as well, a wonderful heaven together both in and out. No movement, no activity is ever outside the scope of this heaven of awareness. This sense of absoluteness is so tangible that nothing escapes its pervasive fullness. The Absolute is so full of its self that moving through it, either mentally or physically, I know and see this movement as completely within my own consciousness. I feel like I am effortlessly, wonderfully plowing through my own Absolute self, my own Absolute heaven.
I know the Absolute and its own expressions as an absolute continuum of my own awareness. Within this wonderful abstraction are the infinite stirrings that altogether create the oneness of my existence. I can hear a perfectly orchestrated hum or vibration that I experience as pure knowledge, pure knowledge because it’s the knowledge and infinite details of my own reality. My body’s reaction to this pure vibrating knowledge is a quiet all encompassing bliss. This bliss has a divine aspect where I see a heavenly domain fully expressed in my heart and all around me.
My heart’s reaction to this experience is pure love, unbounded love for creation. Whatever or whereever my eyes fall is felt as a concentrated point of love in an ocean of abstract love. Together they are one totality of love. My mind’s experience is one of total knowingness that floats on the waves of this bliss and love, knowing even the waves as whole.
I see an unmanifest and manifest God in me and outside me simultaneously. God is in me as the totality of my consciousness, as the wholeness of knowledge and joy. And I see God outside me in His glorious form and forms. This togetherness of God inside and outside is the wonder of my life. What I see inside is no less outside, and what I see outside is no less inside. My wholeness is defined and expressed by the love and unity of all the constituent parts and layers of my experience. Altogether my experience is very, very simple because everything, every layer is transparent to itself, to myself, and appears known and fully real on a bed of awareness that permeates but in no way hides anything what so ever.
Ever all the same, ever all different, but all together experienced on an all-inclusive bed of supreme oneness. Every changing experience, however grand, whether Absolute, divine, or relative, is suffused by and tied to every other experience by a very tangible unchanging field of my very own self-aware knowledge.

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