Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Intimate Absolute

Absolutely undifferentiated silence has emerged as Absolute wholeness, which contains unbounded silence along with a supreme liveliness that I experience as a tangible knowing. I find the Absolute in my heart, my mind and my body like the first unexpressed birth of a fabulous story that I know has already unfolded and that I am in the process of fully experiencing.
Nothing seems transcendental, even Absolute silence; the whole heavenly fabric of the Absolute is in my heart, making it ring with a joy that I constantly hear, making it a breathing reality of my life. My heart, my mind and my body hold within their physical and infinite scope all the wonders of the Absolute moving within itself, within myself. My consciousness has a perceivable thickness, which is the structure of my own awareness; this knowledge is known and seen as the shape of my body, the shape of the environment, the shape of the universe, and the shape of the gods and of God -- altogether a wonderful hierarchy of unified wholeness.
I see heavenly personified beings of nature communicating and moving in complete harmony throughout creation, throughout my consciousness. This experience and the knowledge within this experience have exploded in clarity during the period of the pundits arriving in Fairfield. This cosmic existence moves and is felt, seen, and known within my body. I experience this as a kind of knowledgeable hearing that knows itself as Absolute knowledge, while functioning as ordinary hearing as well. I can literally see this absolute knowledge with my eyes, an inner eye that mirrors the Absolute as sight. This silent core of Absolute stillness is structuring my own awareness. All potentialities, all sounds, all forms are acknowledged as Absolutes within my own mental and physical activities. The unknowable, inscrutable Absolute, the unknowable inscrutable relative have found a knowable, perceivable heaven, a knowable home and a knowable unity in me. These layers of my awareness do not lose their Absolute source, their Absolute structures or their Absolute forms; they are all stitched together with strings of self-knowledge on a fabric of my own infinite structure.
I see myself centered in Absolute space, as a swirling cosmic energy and light that, within itself/ myself, recognizes innumerable points that comprise this unbounded field of energy and potential. All of this energy and knowledge is perceived within my whole body and in localized areas of my body. It is all wonderfully joyous, yet it has a very specific structure that I recognize. I see myself as the central point of energy around which, omni-directionally, an unbounded field of points of knowledge has emerged and, all together, they animate my consciousness within a wave function of togetherness -- one within the other all the way to the center, all the way out, all as Absolutes, all in the dynamics of the Absolute.
If I put my attention on any part of my body, say my hand for instance, I recognize it as consciousness itself and as connected to a field of Absolute understanding, Absolute bliss. When I move my hand, the knowledge and bliss intensify dramatically. Huge waves are set up; a synchronous vibratory connectedness between my hand, its movement, and pure unboundedness ensues. This is just my hand; I experience my whole body in the same way, holistically, in parts and in functions. Fortunately, an all-pervasive unbounded knowingness automatically keeps everything practical and in balance. I can’t separate any aspect of my body, mind, or senses from this dynamic yet unchanging wholeness, this unbounded knowledge.
I see clearly, in great detail, how my body is consciousness vibrating throughout earthly, cosmic, and Absolute space. All this space has developed an Absolute scale in which even the Absolute appears to be in me, not the other way round. Yet, always there is this point, this center to my experience, this Absolute point or Absolute God to which I am tethered. I feel and see an intimate universal mirrorness that reflects the whole Absolute. And this reflection has a changing and an infinite structure, both of which make up a wholeness that is eternal. In this way my experience of absolute stillness manages to be known by absolute liveliness, and absolute liveliness manages to be known by absolute stillness, one within the other, one as the other.

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