Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am solidly aware of a supreme, enlivened middle ground where my consciousness finds its awakened state as the fullness of both my Absolute silence and the sum total of all of my mental and physical activity. It is altogether a collection of differences so solidly whole and so transparently knowledgeable that questions and answers simply have their activity embedded within the structure of this unified state. And because I experience my physical body mirroring both the structures and forms of nature near and far, I am aware of this whole range of knowledge very personally.
Every thought I have, every experience, feeling, perception, the body, and the environment are all experienced in a bottomless, surfaceless conscious togetherness of total universal clarity.
Using meditation over time and integrating its results, as well as quietly thinking and simply moving through daily life, have developed a state of knowledge that simply does not move, yet accepts all movements of the mind, body and senses as conscious waves of this knowledge. I am expanded, knowingly, mentally and with senses wide awake throughout terrestrial, divine and cosmic space, uniformly and unboundedly whole. This knowledge is finding a permanent home, a divinely inspired Absolute space in my mind and body.
As I became aware and saw that even my body is divine and is actually the very structure of wholeness, the cosmic landscape of divinity, I realized that my body, like my heart and mind, has no need to go where it is already located. The boundaries between consciousness and physical structures on the level of self-awareness, understanding and the subtle senses, has dissolved. Even boundaries within themselves constitute the whole range of my consciousness. I, the knower, am uniformly present everywhere because everywhere is open to my awareness. This feeling, understanding, and subtle sight has moved the whole sphere of cosmic and divine activity into actuality in my daily life, where seeing is truly believing, where the body and all its layers are co-experiencers and knowers of wholeness.
My experiences, however divine, however grand, however small, are all joined together from within themselves, and from within the gaps between them, by a sublimely pervasive awareness, a dynamic welling of pure energy that renders all highs and lows part of my very own unfluctuating totality.
My experience has become truly simple, so exquisitely still, that I know and perceive the sound of knowledge as being as whole as my awareness. This experience as if hears with the ears of wholeness and as if sees with the eyes of wholeness, and yet it is still my individual self that is having the experience.
Unmoving, Absolute consciousness, an eternally silent unbounded container of emptiness, is suffused by, full of, actualized as, and appreciated by my own totality of self-illuminating awareness. This experience is so like the transcendent that it is able to be the transcendent even in the active fullness of my awareness. Every sense is individually and uniformly located as wholeness. For instance, if I put my attention on the sense of touch, then pure knowingness, along with all my other senses and my whole body, recognize themselves as connected and whole. My body feels and looks like pure knowledge to my awareness; the sum total of its activity is the sum total of a pervasive totality. I guess this sounds very grand (and it is), but it is just as natural as a beautiful day, which I simply, effortlessly move through.
When I sit listening to chanting, I experience that these wonderful sounds of truth are the same sounds, the same knowledge that upholds my body and its connectedness to divine levels of nature. I feel, know, and see an exquisite ocean of clarity, vibrating with personified divine life, all the wonderful heavens co-existing within my unbounded consciousness. I experience these heavens of awareness very clearly because I am spread throughout this divine landscape as its all- pervading wholeness, structure, and knowledge. The chanting is so pure, so clear, and so enlivening that even though others are chanting, I also experience that resonating from within my own consciousness, from within my own body; these sounds of nature are finding their source, their manifest forms and their eternal expressions.

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