Monday, October 11, 2010

Impulses and Layers of the Absolute

Wholeness, beckoning wholeness, invites itself to move in waves of knowledge. This kind of motion happens only within the Absolute, where the entire universe is suspended as cosmic Self-awareness in its own Absolute space. It happens only by virtue of the entire hierarchy of personal and universal experience, all the way to almighty God, who of course is the personification of the Absolute in motion, thus creating the possibility and the cosmic structure for me and for everyone to partake of this kind of knowledge and movement.
I see the Absolute, even though frozen in eternal silence, moving as the Knower, which moves as infinite unknowing to infinite knowing, forever on the move, forever silent.
When the dynamics of the part don’t obscure the whole, then that pure knowing that is the motion of the silence and also is the silence of the motion is established. When wholeness is lively enough in its silence, the whole show is exposed, transparent to itself. This state is beyond even self-luminous light and reveals and is everything.
Silence establishes and maintains itself through its own structuring dynamics. I experience an all-pervading gap of pure stillness within all movement. Constantly percolating, pure awareness fills all gaps with the structure of my own wholeness. I am an all-comprehending, all- seeing, unbounded, open gap of infinite silence in infinite motion.
My understanding reaches to the Absolute, my sight reaches to the Absolute, my senses reach to the Absolute; the Absolute reaches to me, and is my awareness. I understand, see and function from within this state that has no layers, no activity whatsoever. Yet, even the appearance of layers has become tangible as the defining organization of wholeness. Everything in creation is eternally shaking hands with everything else, and this experience is centered in me and in every living being throughout creation as wholeness.
Sitting in complete stillness in a cosmic home, I am surrounded by the layered activity of nature. I can hear and see from this central location a pure, unbounded whiteness with radiant colors and forms infinitely circling, a cosmic heaven of pure structure, pure love, around which the universe pulses as the layers of celestial, cosmic and material life. It is a home in fullness that eternally hums, and this hum has in it the knowledge of all silence and all form, all consciousness and all matter.
I am habituated to this unboundedness that is hollow within all points, to this fullness that has a center, a point of personal experience that knows and sees wholeness; it has allowed me to resonate as knowledge throughout the single, yet layered activity of Absolute existence.
If I look at a landscape, inherent in that looking is the knowledge of what I see. I don’t have to consciously think that I see the trees or grass. However, if I were an expert on trees, then I would not only see what everyone sees, but in addition a layer of understanding would be added to the beauty of the experience. In this same way I can see and appreciate the geography of my personal, divine, and cosmic existence floating as the waves on and as the ocean of my pure awareness. The clarity of this experience reveals its own structure as knowledge. The understanding also reveals the structure of the experience, both tickling each other into the awakening experience of wholeness.
Today, I experienced a junction point where all the senses were so close to each other that I could see their interconnected structure. There, I could see with my sense of touch, hear with my sense of sight, all the senses were interchangeable. They were all suffused with an over- arching knowledge that allowed them to stay differentiated while being streams of pure and specific knowledge. I could see the movement of the senses through the abstract field of consciousness. They stirred the crystalline purity of silence into specificity, but it was really the other way around: my consciousness itself was stirring its own structure, while all the while remaining nothing but wholeness.
A pure golden drop of invincible purity radiating indescribable energy and power, eternally generating itself as creation, is centered in my heart. This point of adamantine structure is connected to and actually is the dynamic of all universal events. This home of all homes is where I find my consciousness, located where I find my whole life located.
I can see this center, with divine eyes, full of self-luminous beings. I can hear this center with divine ears full of joyous knowledge. This divinity that has subtle functioning senses, a grand, beautiful form, and this form is located in the unbounded center of this heart.
This wonderful point of delightful divinity is the door through which I experience wholeness. Pure love radiates like a cosmic sun sounding into existence, while I, imperishably immovable, am grounded in the center of this experience as the first primordial being.

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