Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stillness Stirs

How quiet I am. More quiet than sound. Brighter than light. Softer than touch. The first
move not yet begun, yet heaven’s radiance is already pulsing in sweeps of daily life. Like the sun,
a blazing point of the sky, my heart is a blazing point of wholeness, where all the points serve to
establish and locate the wholeness of my consciousness.
Before thought I am pure sound. Before sight I am pure beauty. Before touch I am pure
form. All so absolutely still that stillness must stir. The empty Absolute flatness naturally has
clothed itself with splendor and has become the wholeness of my consciousness. I am a central
furnace of pure energy establishing heaven’s glory as my heart, as my mind, as my body, and as
my environment.
The Absolute, the glorious center of universal and personal events, sits supreme as
my heart—everyone’s heart—in pristine stillness. From there, the pure light of consciousness—
of God—radiates the luminous essence of structure all around me, in perfect balance, humming
as knowledge, vibrating to form. I am rimmed in the majesty of absolute consciousness, an
unshakable silence that shimmers as creation. Cosmic love has condensed into my awareness
as golden grains of sparkling knowing. Pure awareness is an unspent unbounded point, eternally
awake, infinitely expanded, with the gods hand in hand in wonderful proximity, circling, singing
heaven, as my heart.
Today, as on other days, I noticed that I was surrounded by a thickness of delicate, yet obvious pure
soft white light in the shape of a radiating circle. This
field of conscious knowledge, which extended around me, had a clear tangible form and location,
and this form of pure structure moved with my body through an even more subtle ocean of
awareness, like a river churning through an ocean. Neither field merging into the other, both
maintaining their eternal status as wholeness. Neither field affected by anything whatsoever. One
totally unbounded silence; the other, a resilient, brilliant container of unbounded knowledge and
energy: delightful, effulgent soft showering points of wholeness moving in their own totality
of wholeness, a point within infinite points, of individual joy in absolute joy.
I also noted that I was aware of, and looking at, and understanding this experience from
within the experience itself, knowing both from within the pure unbounded field, as well as from
within its localization: pure and expressed knowledge as one continuum of the knower, always
together, always whole.
Within this experience is the knowledge of the relationship of pure knowledge to
expressed knowledge: how the Absolute can move as its own structure, within the dynamics
of my own self-awareness. My knowledge has become pervasive enough that it is perpetually
appreciated as the non-movement and the movement of pure consciousness—knowledge all the
way to a point, all the way to unboundedness. I experience that pure wakefulness itself—just
the pure experience of wholeness itself—is actually its first and only move. Wholeness is only
experienced holistically.
In the process of awakening to wholeness nothing ultimately got subtracted. It was a
purely additive process. This was actually my whole realization: that everything is whole, is
actually nothing but consciousness—my consciousness. This understanding opened the doors
of my perception and nudged my heart, mind, body, environment, and the subtle and cosmic
areas of creation into the wide-open state of my awareness, all-existing fully realized together in
When enough layers of knowledge and perception remained permanently open to my
awareness, (when I fundamentally no longer dipped in and out of any experiences) then, at one
point, first, a sort of knowingness of wholeness dawned abstractly, then more and more clarity
within the details of its organization and structure unfolded within the various layers of my
awareness. An undeniable, all-inclusive, sparkling bliss of knowingness became an ever-present
bubbling of my heart, of my mind, and of my senses, automatically projecting pure experience
and knowledge as my environment near and far, divine and cosmic. I am now surrounded by a
divine, celestial crowd of expressed silence, while understanding naturally percolates and is seen
as more and more of these expressed manifestations of the Absolute.

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