Sunday, February 6, 2011

The structure of love

Something delightful has happened to my awareness. Even though I have been
experiencing this new phenomenon for a very long time, somehow a new grand
element or realization has been added. Almost as if the long passage of time itself has
precipitated an unexpected reality of awareness. A great secret has ceased to be a secret
and blossomed into conscious awareness.
Knowledge itself is not only a personal affair but is actually a universal reality that is
naturally pushing its own unfoldment into concrete expression. The pieces of knowledge
have fallen into place and found their consummation in the connected totality of their
oneness. And this great unbounded singularity is actually an infinite number of parts,
layers, heavens, and universes all comprising, structuring, and defining the one grand
unbounded Absolute that is able to move as its own absoluteness as my consciousness.
And I, caught as it were in the great sweep of infinity on the move, pure bliss in
motion, pure knowledge shimmering, revealing even matter as that wholeness, am that
utter stillness that is incarnate in everything moving. And quite suddenly the sum total of
it all gets added up, makes sense and is realized as all whole.
The entire realization and experience is that my body is both silent and moving
just like pure awareness, no different, all just one great knowledge. It ultimately takes a
physical body to realize wholeness, to find a fuller, more tangible range of consciousness.
Pure consciousness dwelling in its home, the body dwelling in consciousness altogether
But the real surprise was: not only is my heart the shining the center of divine,
Cosmic, and terrestrial experience, I began to clearly experience other hearts in the
same way. This multiple experience of the other points, other hearts shimmering in and as
a field of pure abstraction created an extraordinary increase in my clarity, understanding.
Not being the lone point in a cosmic ocean of reality had an enormous
effect on my awareness. In the same way that the celestial regions and their inhabitants
are part of my awareness, my family and friends began to be seen as points of liveliness
in pure awareness. Consciousness stopped being just my individual consciousness and
I began to know and actually see the tangible, expanding, and holistic influence that my
family, friends, and community had within the very structure of my awareness.
My heart began to blaze so brightly that even my physical movements were seen
as the point and points of brilliant light moving within celestial, universal, and absolute
effulgence. And everything more tangible or expressed simply was found as a tracing
on or a layer of that clarity. This universal light that is now the essence of pure love is
absolutely still yet functions as the sum total of the points of individual love and is so
intense that I can hardly stand it at times.
Its really the very best found secret of all: God’s unbounded love radiates
as individual love, grounded in my heart, everyone’s heart. This point of all hearts is
centered in my awareness so concretely that I can feel and see the structure of individual
love in the fabric of universal wholeness. Love gives a delicate wonderful softly binding
thickness to my awareness that I feel as I move through it both with my heart and my
body with my senses coming along for the ride. Pure knowledge active in its own
structure finds its liveliness throughout pure joy, and pure joy finds its fullness in pure
Imagine knowing, seeing, moving through a field, a divine home of personal
awareness that constantly, knowingly radiates knowledge-filled, bliss-filled, physicality
on its own structure of unbounded, Absolutely silent infinity. Then imagine the universe,
divine and earthly, sweeten it with unbounded knowing and pure bliss, add God and the
gods, discover it in your own eternal secret pulsing heart, and finally realize that this

experience is just and only what I, you, and everyone deserves.

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