Sunday, February 6, 2011

The point of unbounded awareness

I experience one, central, all-inclusive point of consciousness that vibrates at almost infinite
frequency. This unbounded vibration enables one iota of self-awareness to be connected
to the infinity of points that comprise wholeness. Both remain whole, and awake as my own
awareness, through the inter-connected dynamics of their infinite exchange, their mutually inclusive
activity. The relationship, this swap of infinity with its point, each found fully in the other, is how
wholeness remains whole in my consciousness.
This point of silence is my attention at its most concentrated; there everything is revealed as
whole. The activity between the point and its own unbounded value is the complete structure of
wholeness. Awake as wholeness, I breathe as a point of wholeness in relation to infinite points of
wholeness, in a field of absolute stillness.
My awareness buzzes in wholeness. All the points together expose a structure, a symmetry,
a harmony to my life, where my thoughts, feelings, senses, and body function as and within that
structure as the point and points of pure awareness in their specific motions. If I look within one
concentrated shimmering speck of pure awareness, I see, with the entire range of the knowledge
within sight and sound, an infinity of vibrating, golden, multi-colored, rapidly pulsing webs
of structured knowledge. This knowledge has found its way even to the surface value of my
A fire of sounding forms, a togetherness of unbounded joy is pre-arranged as my eternal
experience, with my physical body as its most expressed value. In this experience I can see another
physical structure that is more far more subtle, vibrating within my physical body that is more
fluid and powerful. And within this awareness is another boundless, still more subtle, harmonious,
arrangement of pure white light that flows as an absolute yet clearly defined form in an undefined
field of pure abstraction; altogether one holistic continuum of layers of physicality as pure
knowledge, where my senses are participants in and as these layers. For instance, my sense of
sight, while observing the activity of surface life, is simultaneously also seeing and is engaged
in these subtle structures of my experience, that extend deep into the dynamics of the point in
relation to unbounded awareness. It is on the quietest level of absolute stillness where I experience
impulses of knowledge that are known and seen as personifications of absoluteness. This wonderful
togetherness of pure experience with pure understanding creates a delightful, living reality of
A point and the unboundedness of silence maintain themselves on all levels and details of
my experience: self-awareness of the point, self-awareness of the relationship and self-awareness
of the whole. The Absolute as the motion of my experience is a vast collection of concentrated
points within a point, plowing through its own unbounded field as the structure of the field. The
very movement of wholeness is and reveals the non-movement of my consciousness, and this non-
movement is an established stillness that by its very nature allows awareness to be subtle enough to
experience itself as whole.

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